Rehabilitation & Transitional Care


At Ave Maria Village, we offer rehabilitation services provided by in-house licensed professionals in the areas of speech, occupational and physical therapy. The therapy team works together to treat residents who have had strokes, brain injuries, amputations, joint replacements, or who have swallowing difficulties or generalized weakness due to chronic illness. The team develops individualized therapy programs for each person. Our primary goal is to return residents to their highest possible level of functioning, which is very often back to their own home or a lesser level of care.

Rehab Staff

Jason Anderson, RPT, a licensed physical therapist
Shannon Young, OTR/L, a registered, licensed occupational therapist
Carmen Bender, COTA, a certified occupational therapy assistant
Valerie Glynn, SLP, a licensed speech/language pathologist

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy involves treatment which focuses on improving a person's function, whether it is related to bones, joints, muscles, or nerves. Typically, a person's physical function has been impaired in some manner as a result of an injury, disease process, wear and tear, or as part of the aging process. When treating older patients, physical therapists often address issues such as pain, deconditioning, impaired balance and gait, decreased mobility, poor endurance, or poor muscle strength. Physical therapists also provide patients with therapeutic programs to regain strength and mobility which fit the guidelines established for them following orthopedic surgery.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy includes treatment which focuses on helping a person achieve independence in his or her daily life. Occupational therapists typically focus on a person's daily living skills such as bathing, dressing, grooming and cooking. Occupational therapists are trained to adapt the environment, modify tasks, teach new skills and provide ongoing education to patients and family members. Occupational therapists often help identify problems and make recommendations for improvement. At times, recommendations are made for such adaptive equipment as rolling walkers, tub benches, commodes, adaptive eating utensils, reachers, sock-aids, long-handled shoehorns, and low vision aids.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy, more properly referred to as speech/language pathology, includes treatment designed to improve a person's ability to communicate effectively and eat and drink safely. With adults, speech therapists work to rehabilitate those with speech, language, voice, cognition and/or swallowing difficulties related to aging, or following stroke, traumatic brain injury, infection, or other neurological conditions or disease processes. The goal of speech therapy is to enhance a person's ability to communicate with family and friends, meet their own nutritional needs safely, and make appropriate competent decisions.

Restorative Therapy

Once our professional therapists have assisted our residents to reach their individual maximum potential, our restorative therapy aides step in to help residents maintain their functional status. They perform active range of motion and ambulation in accordance with each individual’s plan of care that is developed by professional therapists. The restorative therapy team also uses a variety of therapeutic activities such as kick ball, ring toss, music, and use of exercise equipment.

Direct Contact Information

For more information about our therapy services, please feel free to contact us by phone at (701) 252-5660.